Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Short Takes

Direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians begin today at the State Department.

Never Mind — Dutch authorities think it’s unlikely that the two men arrested for weird stuff in their luggage had any nefarious motives.

Lisa Murkowski concedes her loss in the Alaska Senate primary.

Cleaning House — Three Congressmen – two Republicans and one Democrat – face ethics charges.

What’s left of the old General Motors is being sold for parts.

The Florida Supreme Court knocked three amendments off the November ballot, including the one attacking the federal healthcare bill.

Bud Chiles will probably drop out of the governor’s race in Florida, making life easier for Democrat Alex Sink.

Tropical Update: Hurricane Earl is making people on the North Carolina Outer Banks think about evacuation; TS Fiona is probably not a danger to the mainland.

The Tigers lost in Minnesota; playoff hopes are fading.