Thursday, September 30, 2010

Unfair and Unbalanced

Bob Cesca takes down the false equivalency meme.

…it seems laughable on its face that otherwise smart people are going around these days and repeating this bullshit meme about how “both sides” are to blame for the insanity that’s overtaken American politics.

The DeMint one-man choke hold on the entire Senate is unmatched on the Democratic side. The filibustering is unmatched. The brazen, hubristic flaunting of obvious hypocrisy is unmatched.

But still it’s “both sides.” Somehow. And I’m directly referencing here left-of-center writers, pundits and, disappointingly, guys like Jon Stewart, who’s Rally to Restore Sanity is directed at “both sides.”

It seems as though whenever Democrats control Washington, liberals shift focus from attacking conservatives and Republicans to attacking “both sides,” perhaps out of some kind of hipster intellectual craving to seem fair-minded (falsely fair-minded in this case). Or maybe it’s out of a desire to not appear subservient to the majority party. I don’t know for sure.


Perhaps I’m missing something. But show me where there’s equal and precise equivalencies between “both sides.” Show me a TV pundit on the left with the same audience reach and capacity for wackaloon conspiracy theories as Glenn Beck. Show me a traditional media outlet on the left as massive as Fox News Channel or Clear Channel.

Sorry, “both sides” fetishists, but one viewing of her show proves that there’s no comparison between Rachel Maddow’s fact-based analysis and Sean Hannity’s Republican talking point hootenanny.

It’s also evident when you get a conservative pundit on TV whip out the “both sides” argument when they are confronted with the latest batshittery from Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Tom Tancredo, or Christine O’Donnell, and the host or the interviewer nods sagely and lets it go by like a soft pitch. They do it either because they’re uninformed, which means they shouldn’t be hosting a TV show, or they’re under some delusion that they can’t be seen as being “biased” and that the guest is entitled to his or her opinion.

Not when it’s demonstrably false. Someone needs to call out the bullshit and it shouldn’t be the people at home shouting at their TV.