Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Book Tour

What right-wingers thought was someone trying to hit President Obama with a book in the same way an Iraqi reporter tried to hit President Bush with his shoes turns out to be a non-story.

The Secret Service is now shedding some more light on the circumstances surrounding a man who threw a book at President Obama at an event in Pennsylvania Sunday. And they’re not throwing the book at him.

According to Secret Service spokesperson, Ed Donovan, the person involved was an overzealous author who just wanted to toss his book into the president’s reading list.

“He was an over exuberant person who wrote a book that he wanted the president to read,” Donovan told CNN.

President Obama did not appear to notice the book being hurled on stage, which was caught on video, as he was concluding his remarks to a Democratic National Committee rally in Philadelphia. But Vice President Biden, who was standing behind the president, apparently noticed the incident.

After Secret Service agents saw the man throw the book, they detained and interviewed him and determined he was not a threat. Because he was not charged, the Secret Service is not releasing any information about the individual.

It’s not surprising that the wingnuts would think of a book as a weapon; heretofore they used them mainly as doorstops or to prop up the broken leg on the sofa out on the front porch.

Via John Cole.