Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bring Back Checkpoint Charlie

What is it with the Tea Party people and totalitarian regimes? No sooner does the dust settle around Richard Iott, the Republican running for Congress in Toledo who likes to dress up like a member of the Waffen SS, then we get Joe Miller in Alaska suggesting that the East Germans had a good idea in building the Berlin Wall.

Alaska Republican Senate nominee Joe Miller was asked about illegal immigration at his town hall yesterday, and he said that the country’s first priority should be to secure the border. “If East Germany could, we could,” he said.

I’m sure it just slipped his mind that the goal of the armed and mined border that was staffed with soldiers with orders to shoot to kill was to keep people in, not out. This mindset does, however, fit in neatly with the Arizona immigration law that requires anyone stopped for any reason by the police to show proof of citizenship.

By the way, Mr. Miller delivered his suggestion at the same town hall meeting where his private security force handcuffed and detained a local blogger for having the nerve to try to ask Mr. Miller a question. It sounds like they’re getting in some practice for the coming march to more freedoms and limited government.