Monday, October 25, 2010

Comcast Chronicles – The Mini Series

The nice people* from Comcast came by again on Saturday. This time they ran a large orange cable from the main drop and into the cable connection outside my living room, bypassing the cables that are on the house to see if there’s a fault in the lines. And they also knew that my neighbor was getting a weak signal as well. I told them that they had already been tested by several previous crews, but they were just making sure.

Well, I’ve been keeping track. I still had tiling, sound drop-outs, and even “Channel Not Available” on Saturday after they left and in the middle of the Dolphin game yesterday. So I think we’ve figured out that the problem isn’t in the cables here in my house. Which was exactly what the first crew determined when they came out here three weeks ago. But if they want to be extra careful before they do anything radical, then go for it.

Oh, by the way, I had one of those classic moments where circumstances converge. I had TiVo’d a murder mystery the other night and when I got around to watching it, at the crucial moment when the detective said, “I think we know who did it, it was …” the sound went out. True story. (Good thing I could rewind and turn on the closed captions.)

So, I’ve got this big thick orange cable snaking through my back yard and onto the patio. And I still have lousy service. Onward.

*I mean it when I say “nice people.” Comcast may have their faults, but I have never gotten anything but polite and friendly responses from their people in the field, including the guy who apologized profusely for not calling back. Being in a car accident kind of changed his priorities for a day or two.