Friday, October 22, 2010

Comcast Chronicles – The Saga Continues

Well, the last I heard from Comcast about my continuing weak service was a message left on my phone machine on Monday, October 18. The service manager wanted to schedule an appointment to come out to the house and install a device to monitor my signal to identify when it fluctuated. (Hint: all the time.) By the way, that was the second time they said they would install the “cricket.” I returned the phone call, left a message, and waited to hear back.

Yeah, funny how they call that thing a “cricket” because that’s about all I’ve heard since then.

Coincidentally, I happened to see my next-door neighbor out in his yard, and I asked him how his cable service was. He told me that he was having the same problems I was having: weak signal, tiling of the picture, and sound dropping out. (And wouldn’t you know that the sound never drops out in the middle of a commercial, but when I’m watching a show and we get to a crucial bit of dialogue: [____]. Of course.) So obviously the service issue isn’t just a problem for me; it’s hitting the rest of the neighborhood, too.

I just left another message for the service manager who called me on Monday. I was, for me, rather adamant. I expect I’ll get another abject apology from Comcast in the comments, but that isn’t getting the cable service fixed.

PS: A note to anyone from Comcast who reads this: don’t just leave an apologetic (if not self-serving) comment here. Call me. You have all the numbers.