Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If You Hug People, The Terrorists Win

Lawrence Kudlow got the vapours over President Obama giving Rahm Emanuel a hug when he departed the White House.

Am I the only one who saw weakness when President Obama and his departing chief of staff Rahm Emanuel gave each other big, fat, full-bore hug following their speeches at the resignation event in the White House’s East Room on Friday?


I think the hug lacked dignity. It did not send a message of American power and forcefulness. So I fret about the reaction around the world to this kind of fraternity-like emotionalism in full public view.

Why not just a dignified, stand-up, serious handshake? That’s what Reagan would have done. A strong handshake shows friendship, respect, and even affection. But a big fat hug seems to go over the line.

The answer to his first question is, Yes, you are the only one who saw that because nobody else except a tight-ass like you would fret about that kind of thing, much less put it out there for the public to read.

Second, given the amount of hugging, kissing, and full body contact that various Republicans have given people such as Saudi princes, I would think that having to carry around such a double standard would get painful after a while. (Steve Benen googled “Bush hug”; check it out.)

Third, if you really think that jihadists are dancing in the streets chanting “Victory!” because of a presidential hug, you really do have a serious problem.

Via Oliver Willis.