Monday, October 25, 2010


Brit Hume on Fox News Sunday about Juan Williams:

And I think it is simply this, that in the culture of NPR, appearing on Fox is a sin. And in the culture of NPR, for an African American man like Juan, regardless of his extraordinary stature, to be there and be kind of a Bill Cosby liberal, not a down-the-line liberal, is a sin as well.

E.J. Dionne on Meet the Press on the same issue:

“NPR is quite simply one of the best news organizations in the world… Fox News, on the other hand, is a Republican propaganda network.

I get a kick out of how the Very Serious People seem to think that NPR somehow bungled the termination of Mr. Williams’s contract, especially coming from those people on the conservative side who either sat silently while members of their own team said things that were far more outrageous than what Mr. Williams said and kept their job.