Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Prepare for Your Inquisiton

The Republicans are already planning to staff their new offices for the incoming Congress. But first the new applicants have to prove their purity.

“Once we receive your resume, it will be passed along in a binder to each new Member (and to any existing RSC Member requesting to see resumes) for consideration,” reads an e-mail Tuesday from RSC staff, obtained by Roll Call. “We also strongly encourage you to submit your resume and complete the ideological questionnaires at the following two websites, as we will be checking these questionnaires as well.”

The links to questionnaires on the websites of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, and Leadership Institute’s site, are pasted into the RSC e-mail. The RSC claims more than 115 House Republicans as its membership.

Steve Benen checked out the Purity Quiz.

The “correct” answers seemed pretty obvious. Agree or disagree: “The U.N. should not have authority over the citizens or public policies of sovereign nations.” Agree or disagree: “The U.S. has the right to use force to protect its national interests.” Agree or disagree: “Judges should not make decisions based on their policy preferences.”

I especially liked the next section in which applicants were presented a list of people and organizations, and asked to express general agreement or disagreement. The list includes Al Gore, the NRA, CATO, the National Organization of Women*, George W. Bush, Clarence Thomas, James Dobson, Bill Bennett, and for some reason, Dianne Feinstein.

The Leadership Institute’s questionnaire, meanwhile, wants to know, among other things, if you think “homosexual activity should be incompatible with service in the U.S. military forces,” and whether “minimum wage laws contribute to unemployment.”

In light of recent events, they also ask for your shirt size so they know how many brown ones to order.