Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Short Takes

Gunmen have attacked the parliament buildings in Chechnya and are holding hostages.

The judge in the federal DADT case is “leaning against” granting the government a stay against her ruling on banning the practice.

Bank of America says it will soon resume foreclosures.

The Crystal Cathedral, the legendary megachurch in Southern California, is filing for Chapter 11.

Never heard of them — David Rivera, a Republican running for Congress here in Miami, tidied up his resume after the USAID said they have no record of him working for them, as he once claimed.

No raise for you — Teachers in Broward County aren’t getting their promised 2%.

They’re talking — U.S. and Cuban officials are discussing the fate of a jailed American subcontractor in Havana.

Tropical Update: Who knows where this one is going?