Saturday, November 6, 2010

Comcast Chronicles — A Month Later

It’s been a month since I began this journey of chronicling the chronic crappy cable service from Comcast that has plagued me since I installed the TiVo. I’ve gotten on a first-name basis some some of the people, including Desmond and David, and I’ve even gotten to hear about their own family problems (sorry to hear about your wife totaling your car, David). They have run tests, heated up the nodes, and I believe that at one point they even gyred and gimbeled in the wabe.

I’ve been assured that the fault, dear friends, is not with my TiVo or my cables in the house, but with the system outside. They are pretty sure now that the cause is — wait for it — a weak signal. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

I’ve been told they will install an amplifier on the main line. If so, they haven’t done so. Last night was more of the same: dropped signals, blank screens, and audio drop-outs at critical plot points in The Big Bang Theory. I’ll be calling my friends again; maybe we can have dinner after they stop by sometime between 2 and 5.

Oh, and guess what; I got my cable bill this week. They gave me $60 off my last bill, but then turned around and raised my monthly rate by $5 from now on. Speaking of adding insult to injury…

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