Monday, November 1, 2010

DADT: “No Big Deal”

The people who still think Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a good thing have been swimming against the tide, but the one straw they were clinging to was the mandated survey of the service members on their feelings about serving along side openly gay men and women. Their hope was that all those young men and women would be the ones to provide cover for keeping the law in place; after all, it’s the right-wing mantra that Supporting The Troops is Job 1. (Unless, of course, you’re talking about pay, medical care for things like PTSD, family support, counseling for separated families, and veterans’ benefits. Then they’re a bunch of whiny and greedy goldbricks.)

Richard Engel of NBC News got a look at the preliminary study of the survey, which is due out next month, and the results look like the pro-DADT’ers will have to find another reason to keep the policy in place.

The findings are that for most soldiers, and this wasn’t the sum total of all soldiers, it wasn’t that big of a deal…The majority — the number one answer, first answer was ‘I don’t care.’ That’s significant.


Number two was, ‘I would deal directly with the person involved.’ So when you put the two of those together, it is the majority. Now, there were some people who said, three, they would go to the chain of command and some four, who hated it, hated it. But the answers one and two are considered positive. So these studies show a relative if not positive outlook, at least an accepting outlook.

Or, as Adam Serwer said, it turns out that American servicemen aren’t twelve year old boys.