Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Night 2010

A lot of really good sites are doing live-blogging of the election returns, including The Reaction (where I also contribute), TPM, Political Animal, and of course all the news channels, so if you’re looking for coverage and don’t want to listen to pundits on flag-draped sets, go check them out.

So far, it looks like the House will go to the GOP, which is not a surprise, but the Senate is looking like it will stay with the Democrats, but they’ll lose some seats. Here in Florida Marco Rubio has won — again, not a surprise — and Alan Grayson, the liberal who wasn’t afraid of being called that and raised a lot of eyebrows, lost as well. The race to watch now is the governor’s race between Democrat Alex Sink and Republican Rick Scott.

If there’s one thing that kind of sums up the evening, it’s watching Christine O’Donnell give her concession speech in Delaware and she’s talking like she won. Putting up a brave front and smiling through defeat is one thing; delusional is something else entirely.

Update at 10:13 p.m. — MSNBC just brought in Michele Bachmann to lend her insight to the election returns. And that does it for me.