Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Juvenile Delinquent

Tucker Carlson proves once again that he really is twelve years old.

On Tuesday afternoon, a set of emails surfaced on the Philadelphia news site Phawker. Phawker said that the emails showed the “100% for real” correspondence between Olbermann and Philadelphia Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky over the weekend. In the emails, “Olbermann” talks about his boss, MSNBC President Phil Griffin, in hyperbolic, insulting terms.

In one email, “Olbermann” says that Griffin is “not my boss (thank god), nor is he intellectually qualified to be…I’ll be anchoring on election night 2012, long after Phil Griffin has moved on to a job for which he’s actually qualified, perhaps on QVC.”


The incendiary emails seemed too good to be true — and, as it turns out, they were. The emails from “Olbermann” came from That’s an address that is not owned by Olbermann, but by Tucker Carlson, conservative pundit and editor of the Daily Caller website.

Stay tuned; tomorrow Tucker is planning to give Keith a wedgie during Phys. Ed.

(Oh, by the way, here’s a bit of six degrees of separation with me and both Phil Griffin and Tucker Carlson: I went to high school with Phil (he was a year or so behind me), and Tucker went to St. George’s, where I spent one year, a few years after I was there. Now all we need is Kevin Bacon.)