Monday, November 15, 2010

McCain Shifts On DADT Again

Here we go again.

[Sen. John] McCain has always said he will reconsider his stance on DADT “the day that the leadership of the military comes to [me]” and says it should be overturned. Yet, when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. Mike Mullen and Defense Secretary Robert Gates came to McCain in February announcing they were in favor of repealing DADT, McCain invented a new condition — the completion of a study the Pentagon is conducting looking into the repercussions of repealing DADT.

Last month, reports surfaced that the study had found that a majority of American servicemembers would not object to serving alongside openly gay troops. Then this week, sources familiar with the study, which is to be released in December, told the Washington Post that the study had concluded that repealing DADT will not disrupt the military during a time of war. But appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press today, McCain yet again moved the goal posts, deploying his latest stumbling block to repeal. The problem? The study McCain demanded is now not good enough.

The only reason that it matters what John McCain thinks is because he will likely still lead a filibuster against repeal even after all of the conditions are met. If he persuaded his wife to cravenly reverse course, he can certainly get to anyone else who might be wavering.

Why doesn’t he just come right out and say that he thinks gay people are icky and save us all of this wishy-washy dancing around? We all know what he really thinks anyway.