Saturday, November 13, 2010

McCain vs. McCain


It’s time now for another episode of One Man’s Family starring those masters of domestic bliss, John and Cindy McCain, brought to you by Beefeaters Gin and the makers of Viagra.

[Intro music under.]

Scene: At the McCain home. Sen. McCain enters, just home from work. Mrs. McCain greets him.

JOHN: Hi, honey, how was your day?

CINDY: Oh, fine, dear.

JOHN: Anything new?

CINDY: No, except I taped a video for the NOH8 campaign that makes you and your ignorant gay-bashing cronies look like complete idiots.

JOHN: That’s nice. What’s for supper?

[Uproarious canned laugh track.]

Update: Never mind. Yeah, you knew it was too good to last.