Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Life On A Plate

Well, here we are. This style, with one small difference, is the current plate I have on my 2007 Mustang. The difference is that the numbering format is three numbers followed by three letters: i.e. 111 ABC.

I had thought about getting a personalized plate with something like my initials or something to do with the blog, like B2-W2, but the plate that I received from the DMV was double palindrome, so to speak: 313 TST (that’s not the actual number, but you get the idea). So I saved the $25 and kept the plate as it is.

And that’s it for the plates I’ve had. I’ve got some other ones in my collection, so stay tuned for those, including some that never actually got to ride on the back of a car on a public highway. Until then, drive safely, and in the words of the classic Florida safety slogan from the 1970’s, ARRIVE ALIVE.