Monday, November 15, 2010

No Surprise

Guess who Ross Douthat thinks is the Party of No.

Of course it’s the Republicans who are “muted, respectful, and often favorable” to the draft report of the deficit commission whereas the Democrats who were “knee-jerk” and hysterical. Well, I wonder what he expected when the commission’s first trial balloon suggested raising the age of eligibility for Social Security, cuts to Medicare and more taxes on the middle class. Those are GOP ideas, so of course they like them. And since most of the ideas that Mr. Douthat thinks are sops to the liberals like the cutting of corporate welfare and “slashes” to the defense budget are so tepid, it’s clear that they’re being tossed in as an afterthought.

Mr. Douthat praised the commission for its tough choices and “treat[ing] Americans not as clients but as citizens, and not as children but as adults.” It might do well to remind him that it was the people who acted like petulant spoiled brats who got us into a good deal of this mess to begin with.