Monday, November 15, 2010

Question of the Day

Thanks to TiVo and a break in the still-spotty service from Comcast (that adventure continues; I’ll update that saga later), I was finally able to see James Cameron’s magnum opus Avatar this weekend. It was on my antique (pre-2001) analog TV (but it has stereo) and it wasn’t in 3-D. But I did finally see it. And… [spoiler alert] to me it was Dances With Wolves meets Forbidden Planet. I’m sure the special effects and sound were much better — or at least more overwhelming — in a movie theatre than my living room, but still, it was a predictable story and it laid the groundwork for the inevitable sequels and shameless ripoffs.

That all leads up to this question:

What was the last film you saw that measured up to all the hype?