Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Channel Swim

Sarah Palin is a hit with her new show.

Sarah Palin has once again refudiated her detractors. The critics may not have loved her new TLC reality show, but the former Alaska governor proved she is ratings gold.

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was the most-watched series launch in TLC history, with an average of 5 million total viewers tuning in to Sunday’s premiere, according to early data from the Nielsen Co.

Maybe they’re hoping she’ll like it so much that she’ll stay there and leave the rest of us alone. (By the way, getting 5 million viewers is impressive…on cable. On network TV, that’s a ticket to cancellation; I think Jimmy Smits’s new series Outlaw did better than that before it got the axe after eight episodes.)

To quote The Old Professor, no channel that does a program on the existence of angels has the right to call itself “The Learning Channel.”