Friday, December 3, 2010

A Sign of the Apocalypse

Via Obalesque comes news that someone has come up with a way to put bacon in a bottle.

A few years after WWII ended, a young man working in a small restaurant in Sweden developed a new way to process bacon. By precooking it and blending it in a special way, he was able to make a fully cooked 100% bacon paste that could be squeezed from a tube. Knowing he had discovered something paradigm-shifting, young Vilhelm Lillefläsk quickly went into business. That, dear friends, is when Squeez Bacon® was born. And this delicious delectable from Sweden has finally been brought over to the USA – now with American Flavor!

And for dessert, we have a bologna sundae.

Yes, it is a hoax. Hey, we need a little fun now and then, okay?