Monday, December 6, 2010

As Maine Goes…

Here’s a new twist on the Tea Party’s understanding of the Constitution. Not only do some believe in the absolute strict interpretation of it without all those messy and left-wing amendments like the 14th, which grants citizenship, and the 17th, which grants the people the right to elect their own Senators; there’s at least one new governor — Paul LePage of Maine — who is planning to defeat the new health care law based on the nullification clause.

“I am going to be sitting with our attorney general and ask him to join the (health care reform) lawsuit against the federal government,” he said, adding he just learned that if 35 states join the suit, the law “dies, automatically.” Twenty states so far have joined the suit, filed in federal court in Florida, to repeal the provision in health care reform law that requires individuals to purchase health insurance.

Apparently he’s been learning his constitutional law from that other constitution we have. But as anyone who was awake during their Grade 10 government class, there is no such provision in the United States Constitution.

I have a feeling that there are some people in Maine who are wondering if they can recall a governor before he’s actually sworn in.

HT to TPM.