Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Tales from the Culture of Victimhood

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) explained to Gretchen Carlson of Fox News why he boycotted the parade in Tulsa this year: because they called it a a “holiday” parade instead of a “Christmas” parade.

INHOFE: Gretchen, I rode my horse in that parade for 30 years and I never missed one until they changed the name. When he said that was a silly reason, I don’t think that was a silly reason at all. … But, you know, this is a bigger picture. … You know, I would expect it some other places, but not here in Oklahoma. […]

CARLSON: So, what you’re saying is, that it’s not like you’re not tolerant of other religions. … What you’re saying is — what a lot of people are saying in our society right now — which is if we’re supposed to be tolerate of all these other religions, which pretty much everyone accepts, why does it always seem like Christianity is the one to take the boot?

INHOFE: They’re the ones to get the hit. … I think there are a lot people of other faiths who wonder also, why do they always pick on the Christians?

It might have something to do with the fact that the kind of Christians Mr. Inhofe identifies with are a bunch of sniveling hate-mongers who go around bullying other people with their superstitions. So when they get some pushback from people of other faiths or those who are Christians who don’t like having their faith dragged down to the level of the KKK, they whine about being persecuted. It’s like they’re doing it deliberately so they can play the part.

Anybody know where I can get a good deal on some lions?