Friday, January 21, 2011

And Your Point Was…?

Now that the Republicans have had their little kinderspiel with voting in the House to repeal the healthcare bill knowing all the while that it will not go anywhere, you’d think they would actually try to get serious about doing what they said they were going to do about jobs and fixing the economy.

Except their first proposal to fix the economy would be to cut thousands of federal jobs and reduce government services, which would have the net effect of increasing unemployment, and not just in the public sector. Like any industry, there would be a ripple effect to the private business that contract with the government, making things tough for them. They’d have to lay off people, which would depress the economy again, and … well, you get the idea. And these cuts would inevitably hit the states, requiring them to pick up the slack for what the federal government can no longer do, as if they don’t have enough trouble with their own budgets as it is.

I suppose the question for the Republicans would be, “do you people actually think about what you’re doing?”, but I’m pretty sure we already know the answer to that one.