Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bomb Squad

Police in Spokane, Washington, found a suspicious-looking backpack left along the route of the city’s Martin Luther King Day parade. It turned out to be packed with explosives. The police say it would have likely hurt or killed a number of people had it gone off. They don’t have a suspect in custody, but it’s probably not someone who was there to promote the message of Dr. King.

Yesterday I noted that Jared Loughner isn’t being called a domestic terrorist because he’s a white kid with a non-foreign-sounding name. CLW commented that the incident probably wasn’t considered terrorism because he wasn’t trying to make a political point. Well, when you target a congresswoman, chances are there are politics involved no matter what his mental state may have been. But it also brings up the point that we’ve been hearing a lot about “both sides do it,” be it political sniping, so to speak, in campaign commercials and on the stump with graphic images of killing and target practice. As I’ve said before, that kind of equivalency is both childish — “He started it” — and demonstrably false. Show me samples of Democrats talking about Second Amendment solutions, don’t retreat — reload, or when ballots don’t work, bullets will.

When it comes to the real deal, there’s no comparison. Digby has a list going back two and a half years that recount incidents of domestic terrorism mounted by right-wingers. Some were averted, some were not. I’d post a similar list of left-wing terrorism over a similar time frame — meaning from this century — but there doesn’t seem to be one.