Monday, January 24, 2011

Even Baby Doc Needs A Lawyer

Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier’s return to his homeland last week got some attention, as did his legal representation: Former Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia.

You might remember Bob Barr as the relentless right-wing pursuer of Bill Clinton in the 1990’s. His job for Baby Doc is to help him get his frozen funds out of a Swiss bank that have been there since 1986.

Duvalier “is very interested in trying to get those funds freed up, not for himself, but so they can be used to help the situation in Haiti,” Barr said by phone from Port-au-Prince today. Barr, 62, was a Republican representative from Georgia in 1995-2003 and ran for president in 2008 on the Libertarian Party ticket.

Barr accompanied Duvalier yesterday as the former dictator made his first public comments since his Jan. 16 return to his homeland from a 25-year exile. Also accompanying Duvalier were two other American lawyers, Ed Marger of Jasper, Georgia, and Mike Puglise of Snellville, Georgia, according to a statement issued by Barr’s office.

Haven’t the people of Haiti suffered enough?

HT to The Reid Report.