Thursday, January 27, 2011

Must Have Been Quite a Party

The mystery of the baby grand piano on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay has been solved.

Like many grand ideas, this one started out when many were drunk.

And that’s how a burned baby grand piano found its way onto a mud flat in Biscayne Bay and, ultimately, worldwide fame.

The solution to the mystery involves a guy with a bagpipe, a rollicking New Year’s Eve party and a teenager looking to make a splash on his college admissions. Oh, and flammable liquid applied to a movie prop that was stored in Grandma’s garage for four years.

”We were peer-pressured into burning it,” said 16-year-old Nicholas Harrington, a MAST Academy junior hoping to study art or engineering at Manhattan’s Cooper Union college.

Oh, so if all the other kids were putting musical instruments in the middle of the ocean and setting them ablaze, that makes it all right? Kids these days….