Monday, February 7, 2011

Blogroll Amnesty Days

One of the many things that the late blogger Al Weisel (Jon Swift) did was to promote Blogroll Amnesty Day, wherein bloggers promoted the work of other bloggers, as opposed to the practice of some big bloggers who periodically culled their list of blogs that were small, they weren’t cool enough, or some other high school cliquish reason. (My blogroll rule has always been to welcome anyone who has something to say as long as it isn’t abusive or spam.) Al relentlessly promoted smaller blogs, including this one, and in his honor and his memory, the tradition of Blogroll Amnesty Day has been picked up and carried by skippy the bush kangaroo.

So, in that tradition, I have selected five blogs that I think are worthy of attention; blogs that you may not find linked at the big places like Huffington (now a member of the AOL family) or places that get more hits on a post on a brownie recipe than they might get in a year. I chose them for my own reasons, but please feel free to add to the list via the Comments, and please take a moment to stop by and read their work.

Cranial Hyperossification



The Spencerian

Why Now?

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By the way, the official B.A.D.’s were February 4-6, but I got tied up with car shows and catching up on some non-blogging work, so this a day late… but not, I hope, a dollar short.