Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dreams’ End

This story is just another reminder that there are dangerous places in the world.

Jean and Scott Adam shared a dream through 15 years of marriage: to retire, build a boat and sail the world. And that is precisely what they did, heading out in 2004 from Marina Del Rey, Calif., on a custom-built 58-foot yacht for a permanent vacation that brought them to exotic islands and remote coastlines: Fiji, Micronesia, China, Phuket.

“And now: Angkor Wat! And Burma!” Mrs. Adam wrote just before Christmas, her blog post bustling with characteristic excitement.

The dream came to a brutal end on Tuesday when the Adams and their crew — Phyllis Macay and Robert A. Riggle of Seattle — were killed by pirates off the coast of Somalia in one of the most violent episodes since the modern-day piracy epidemic began several years ago, American officials said.

It is not clear why the pirates killed their hostages, either accidentally during a firefight or possibly out of revenge for the Somali pirates killed by American sharpshooters in a hostage-taking in 2009.

I doubt that the pirates knew these people were going around the world doing Christian evangelism, either. The pirates did what they’ve been doing for years, and so far there’s been not much anyone has been able to do to put a stop to it, other than tell people to stay away from that part of the world.