Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Free Ride

Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ) is very proud of the fact that he didn’t sign up for the government-run healthcare benefits available to him as a Member of Congress. In fact, he even got a liberal group’s ad yanked from a radio station that said he did. He doesn’t need the evil socialized medicine because he gets his healthcare for free through the state retirement plan he gets as a former official in New Jersey.

Lance receives family health coverage that is free except for co-pays, the state Department of Treasury confirmed Friday. The former state senator, assemblyman and Kean administration official qualified for retirement in 2006, his 25th year of service. He retired in January 2009, when he moved on to Washington, and enrolled in the state’s free health plan for retirees.

Remember, it’s only evil socialized medicine when someone else gets it.

HT to TPM.