Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scott: “Collective Bargaining is Fine”

Via TPM, Florida Gov. Rick Scott is okay with public employees and collective bargaining.

“My belief is as long as people know what they’re doing, collective bargaining is fine,” Scott said in an interview with Tallahassee’s WFLA FM radio station.

Scott claimed that Walker has no choice but to pare back worker benefits because deficits are projected to be large and tax hikes are off the table.

“No one’s voting for a tax increase,” Scott said.

But as long as state workers are agreeing to pony up, Scott says the workers should be allowed to organize.

I suspect Mr. Scott’s willingness to allow for collective bargaining has more to do with the fact that unions here in Florida don’t carry nearly the weight that they do in the Midwest, particularly in the states with large manufacturing bases such as the auto industry. It’s easy for him to be magnanimous to a group that doesn’t have a lot of clout; it doesn’t cost him anything, he comes off as a friend of labor when he tosses them a treat, and it gives him cover when he screws them over later.