Friday, February 11, 2011

The Circus Is In Town

Dave Weigel of Slate reports from the CPAC convention in Washington where the fun bunch is supplying hours of endless fun as the right-wingers gather to look over their possible presidential candidates — including Donald Trump — and to get all Ron Paul rowdy when Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney show up.

The ballroom for big events fills up many minutes in advance. In this instance, the people who wanted to hear Rand Paul speak at 3:45 had to arrive around 2:30, and stay there. If they did, they sat through a speech from Donald Trump (a surprise to attendees who weren’t checking the news frequently), and used every possible moment to yell “RON PAUL” at the Donald. When Trump responded to one of the heckles, and said that Paul “can’t win” the presidency, there were loud and righteous boos.

These folks really know how to party.

The folks over at TPM are following it via Twitter. Check it out.