Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vouchers? No, I Meant Charters

Florid Gov. Rick Scott has backtracked on his promise to give every parent a voucher to send their child to any school in the state.

A flurry of legal questions on top of an already ambitious education agenda has helped persuade Florida Gov. Rick Scott to back away from a controversial plan for universal school vouchers.

Instead of creating new ways to send students from public to private school, Scott will push lawmakers this year to increase the number of charter schools. “That’s my focus right now,” he said.

Scott also wants more students taking online classes in virtual schools, to expand eligibility for existing voucher programs and to make it easier for school districts to fire poor-performing teachers.

The governor wants school districts to cut 10% from their budgets next year. The savings will be used to fight the lawsuits that will come from the changes to the education system he’s proposing.