Monday, March 14, 2011

Comic Relief

Just to take a break from all the sobering news out of Japan and the Middle East, it never fails that one of the bright lights of your new GOP would take the stage and provide hilarity: ladies and gentlemen, we give you Michele Bachmann speaking last week in New Hampshire.

What I love about New Hampshire and what we have in common is our extreme love for liberty. You’re the state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord.

Okay, all of you who paid attention in Grade Four history class raise your hands and tell Ms. Bachmann that Lexington and Concord are in Massachusetts.

Ever quick with the come-back, Ms. Bachmann retorted via (what else) Facebook:

So I misplaced the battles Concord and Lexington by saying they were in New Hampshire. It was my mistake, Massachusetts is where they happened. New Hampshire is where they are still proud of it!

Right; Massachusetts doesn’t give a shit about their history so New Hampshire took it over. Uh huh. And she couldn’t resist one last parting shot:

And by the way… That will be the last time I borrow President Obama’s tele-promoter!

So there! Neener neener!

There are those in the GOP who describe her as “very presidential.” Seriously.

HT to Steve Benen.