Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heading For a Shutdown

Ezra Klein is not optimistic about the negotiations — if that’s what you would call them — between the Democrats and the Republicans on keeping the government going beyond April 8.

…Democrats, as you might imagine, aren’t interested in sticking to the menu House Republicans drew up for them. Can you imagine Chuck Schumer saying, “I’ll take the education cuts, with a side of defunding Planned Parenthood”? Democrats, rather, have begun looking for savings outside the non-defense domestic discretionary budget. And they’ve found some, But Republicans aren’t happy about it.


Funny. I thought this debate had always been about the deficit, or at least cutting spending. Guess not. Rather, the Republican position appears to be: “How do we preserve current tax rates and most current spending while getting Democrats to accept deep cuts to the small fraction of the budget called non-defense discretionary spending?” It’s a weird position, but it looks to be what we’re dealing with.

What I find puzzling is that the Democrats ever thought they were dealing with people that actually wanted to negotiate with them. Where the hell did they get that idea?