Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day

At last; the baseball season gets underway today. The Tigers travel to Yankee Stadium to start off and will spend the first week on the road in New York and Baltimore before finally getting to their home opener on April 8 at Comerica.

I am not a baseball nerd. I can’t quote statistics or even rattle off starting line-ups. I didn’t play Little League or on my high school team. But there is something about this game that draws me to enjoy it more than any other sport. Maybe it’s the fact that it isn’t all motion like basketball or crash and bang like football. Or maybe it’s just memories of years listening to games on the radio while I painted a house or drove long distances while Ernie Harwell, the late great play-by-play man for the Tigers called the game from his perch in Tiger Stadium or on the road. Whatever it is, I love listening to it and I love the fact that it is a sport that requires more than just muscle and speed.

And before I get into the whole Field of Dreams and baseball-as-metaphor shtick, I just think that it takes me to summer, even if it is the last day of March and it’s going to be cloudy and 45 for the opening pitch at Yankee Stadium. Some seasons start early and last longer.