Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Survival of the Twittest

Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) held his first town hall meeting via Facebook.

The governor was bombarded with questions on his Facebook page and soon found when he began responding, it wasn’t easy to find the answers. The people he responded to would get notified on their pages, but with hundreds of questions streaming in, others trying to follow along would have to scroll through in a not-so-easy search.

In a quick attempt to fix the problem, questions were cut and pasted into his personal update box. He’d then fill in an answer, leaving a little less space than he should have and making the process more cumbersome. He switched back and forth between two laptops as a staffer teed up questions on one while he answered on another to make it more efficient.

Scott held a Twitter town hall in January that went much smoother.

“Twitter was way easier to respond,” he said. “We got way more answers when we did the Twitter one.”

Does he really think that he would be able to get substantial questions and answers in 140 characters? Or is that just an indication of his depth of knowledge and ability? LOL.

Footnote: Apparently the governor prefers snail-mail, which makes you wonder why he has an e-mail address.