Thursday, April 7, 2011

Seriously Not

It was practically a foregone conclusion that the frenzy over Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget would turn from the facts and figures into a cult of personality. After all, this is America, where pop culture status is a driver of the political discourse and we have elected movie stars as governors and presidents. Paul Ryan is a buff dude with killer hair and a brilliant Gleem smile. Therefore we must take his budget seriously and have an adult conversation about where our finances are going because how can you not take him seriously? He’s a studmuffin!

Except there is nothing courageous or serious about Mr. Ryan’s budget. In the first place, the numbers just don’t add up. Second — and more important — it destroys Medicare and Medicaid. (Psst, Democrats; there’s your 2012 campaign right there.) Going after the poor and the elderly is courageous?

The Republicans have been on the offensive — in more ways than one — since this whole budget battle started. They have been saying that the Democrats are not responding to their budget proposals. Well, when you come up with ideas that are so far out there with no hint of compromise, why should any reasonable person respond to it? All that does is enable the nutsery.

Mr. Ryan’s budget plan will go nowhere. But if he ever gets tired of politics he can replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men.