Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal “We”

Despite the fact that one of my ancestors shares the same family name as one of the participants in the royal wedding on Friday, I will not be attending the festivities. I will be up tomorrow morning when the coverage starts on television and I’ll probably turn it on, but I’m really not that interested in the wedding beyond enjoying the theatricality of it: lights, sets, costumes, and a rehearsed script handed down through generations. When it comes to putting on a show, the British do a good job; after all, they gave us Shakespeare and Monty Python.

In a way, I wish we Americans had a ceremonial royal family to distract us from all the worries and cares of things like budget deficits and bossing around the rest of the world. We’ve substituted Hollywood and evangelists for the combination of celebrity and religiosity that the royal family provides, but somehow the Kardashians and Archbishop Dolan just don’t cut it when it comes to untrammeled pomp.

I wish the best for William and Catherine, both as a couple in marriage and as the future leaders of their country, even if it’s all ceremonial and the future King William V will have no actual power over his realm. That’s when it’s really good to be the king.