Friday, May 27, 2011

Bait and Switch

So what was it that the Republicans hammered like mad last year during the campaign? Oh, yeah; jobs. Jobs jobs and more jobs. “We will put America back to work,” said John Boehner and just about everyone else running on the GOP side, blaming the loss of 8 million jobs during the Bush administration on the Democrats and, like Rick Scott in Florida, melting it down to a bumper sticker: “Let’s get to work.”

So far, the Republicans haven’t done squat. Oh, wait; they did publish a comic book-like pamphlet on how they’ll put America back to work by, among other things, cutting more taxes. Now there’s a new idea.

But as Rachel Maddow points out, the only jobs that the Republicans have guaranteed are the ones making up the Uterus Patrol.

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Regardless of where you stand on abortion rights, it’s clear that the GOP conned the voters with the bait-and-switch about jobs. That’s because they knew if they ran on the platform of going after ladybits and banning gay marriage, they would not have won. The majority of Americans are now in favor of marriage equality, and while there may still be an even split over abortion, they’re certainly not in favor of the draconian laws such as the ones that require a woman to carry a fetus to term just so she can watch it die fifteen minutes later.

It’s especially ironic that the Republicans did this charade about jobs when clearly their intent was to revive the culture wars of the 1980’s. Thanks to all their shrieking about it back then made people look at what they were talking about, and they found out that there are a lot of LGBT people in America; they are their co-workers, their teachers, maybe even their brother or sister or mom or dad. And there are people who get abortions not because they want to but because they have to make a terrible choice about what to do with their body and it should be their decision alone. So if they want a re-match on the culture war, they had better be ready to lose it again by going to the extremes that lost it for them the first time.

And it’s even more ironic when you remember that the direst warning the GOP had about Barack Obama was that under that cool calm centrist demeanor beat the heart of a demagogue and dictator who wanted to control our every move and take away our freedoms. What are they worried about; copyright infringement?