Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Election Day in Miami

It’s not getting all the attention of other races around the country, but voters in Miami have an election today to replace the recalled mayor of Miami-Dade.

On Monday the candidates fanned out across the county for one last pitch to sway skeptical voters. Former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina appeared on call-in radio programs and made a campaign stop in Homestead. Former Miami-Dade County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez phoned voters and dispatched volunteers to wave signs at a busy intersection in Miami’s Flagami neighborhood. Former state legislator Marcelo Llorente appeared on Radio Mambi. Luther Campbell, the former 2 Live Crew frontman, walked through Miami Gardens knocking on doors.

Campaigns also ended for two vacant county commission races and on six proposals to amend the county’s charter, which include 12-year term limits for commissioners and banning former county politicians from lobbying the government for two years after leaving office.

I’ve been getting robocalls for weeks now, and Bob reported the other day he got a robocall complaining about one candidate’s robocalls. No kidding.

If you live here and meet all the state’s new voter requirements, go vote.