Monday, May 9, 2011

Gas Price Survey

Time for the checkup. Last Monday I paid $3.99 at my regular station here in Palmetto Bay; I’m about to find out what it is today. (Update: it was $3.95. Woo hoo.)

There are hopeful stories in the press that gas prices could fall as much as 50 cents a gallon by this summer, maybe even as early as June. That would be nice for the summer travel season, but you also have to remember that a year ago we were paying a dollar or more less than we are now. So I guess it’s all relative to think that $3.50 a gallon here in Miami would be cheap gas.

So, what are you paying — or if you don’t drive — seeing at the gas stations in your area? If you drive, has the spike in prices over the last few months changed your driving habits or even made you look for a more fuel-efficient vehicle?