Monday, May 16, 2011

Huck Off

Ross Douthat mourns the passing of the Huckabee candidacy:

He’ll be missed because he embodied a political persuasion that’s common in American life but rare in America’s political class. This worldview mixes cultural conservatism with economic populism: it’s tax-sensitive without being stridently antigovernment, skeptical of Wall Street as well as Washington, and as concerned about immigration, family breakdown and public morals as it is about the debt ceiling.

This combination of views represents one of the plausible middle grounds in American politics.

If being an anti-gay evangelical who stated that he thought President Obama might have been raised in Kenya represents the “plausible middle ground,” we are so far up Shit Creek that they’ll have to pipe in daylight.

Actually, I think the reason Mr. Huckabee isn’t running is because he looked at the numbers. The president’s salary is $400,000 a year plus expenses. That’s $1.6 million for one four-year term. He can score that much in a year doing chat on Fox News and touring the country selling snake oil, and he doesn’t have to worry about distractions like running the country.