Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Right Back Where We Started

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, if the Republicans had their way with the Ryan plan to turn Medicaid into a block grant system, a lot of people would be uninsured.

Projected federal spending on Medicaid for the 10-year period 2012 to 2021 would fall by $1.4 trillion, a 34 percent decline. By 2021, states would receive $243 billion less annually in federal Medicaid money than they would under current law, a 44 percent reduction.

The effect on enrollment in state Medicaid programs could vary widely. By 2021, between 31 million and 44 million fewer people nationally would have Medicaid coverage under the House Budget Plan relative to expected enrollment under current law, the analysis finds, examining three possible scenarios using different assumptions about how states might respond to lower federal funding. Most of those people, given their low incomes and few options for other coverage, would end up uninsured.

In other words, we’d be right back where we were before the passage of the healthcare law, when everybody, including the GOP, said that we needed to provide insurance for more people.

How does that make any sense at all?