Monday, May 9, 2011

Where’s Hillary?

According to some people, there are no women in the Obama administration. Via Jezebel:

Ultra Orthodox Hasidic newspaper Der Tzitung is telling its readers like it isn’t- by editing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the now-iconic Bin Laden raid Situation Room photo. Oy vey.

The religious paper never publishes pictures of women, as they could be considered “sexually suggestive.” Apparently the presence of a woman, any woman, being all womanly and sexy all over the United States’ counterterrorism efforts was too much for the editors of Der Tzitung to handle.

There’s something really demented about a religion that it would be so concerned about showing a woman in a photograph that it would re-write history like that.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with being “sexually suggestive.” It is all about women being non-existent in their mans’ world, and the idea that a woman — and not just one, by the way — could have a role in the mission is anathema to them.

HT to Digby.