Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Facts Are Stubborn Things reviews some of the statements of Michele Bachmann. Some of them are misstatements, some are manipulated to stretch the truth to the breaking point, and some of them are just plain wrong. Are they intentional — which would make them lies — or are they just from a basic lack of understanding? My guess is that they’re a mixture of all three.

What I find most insulting is the movement on behalf of people like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin to revise the history to match their mistakes. We saw it when Ms. Palin fumbled over Paul Revere; her minions went into Wikipedia and re-wrote the story to match hers. The same happened yesterday when Michele Bachmann confused John Quincy Adams with his father, John Adams, and that a nine year old kid from Boston was very active in the American Revolution. (Maybe she was thinking of Johnny Tremain.) Now some of her supporters are trying to edit history to match her mistake.

On the other hand, it sure does bring home the fact that if someone who is running for president can’t get their history straight, we are in serious need of a massive infusion of investment in public education.