Monday, June 27, 2011

In Which I Defend Michele Bachmann

Regardless of what I or anyone may think of Michele Bachmann as a presidential candidate or what her chances are of winning the Republican nomination, and regardless of what part of the spectrum her ideas and interpretations of reality may come from, Chris Wallace of Fox News asking her “Are you a flake?” was way out of bounds.

Why? Because I have yet to hear him ask any of the men in the GOP race the same question. Rick Santorum holds views as far-right and as radical as she does, yet he’s considered a serious candidate.

This goes back to the theory that the Republicans are perfectly happy to have women candidates out there creating the buzz and getting the attention while the men are the only ones to take seriously as the real candidates.

Mr. Wallace has since apologized for the question. Good for him, but it still doesn’t get past the fact that the GOP is still the old boys club that it always has been.