Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Something In the Air

Maybe it’s the drought here in South Florida and the trees stressing out, but for some reason my head is pounding, I’m issuing explosive sneezes, and my sinuses are going into business for themselves. No fever or other miseries, so I’m guessing it’s something irritating. My solution? Drink a lot of water and take the day off.

Between sneezes, I’m catching up on morning TV. Joe Scarborough is still a twit, as is the rest of that crowd on Morning Joe. Mika Brzezinski, quoting Ruth Marcus, mocked Anthony Weiner for going into rehab as if that’s the latest fad and using it to avoid responsibility for your actions. She said, paraphrasing here, that people only go into rehab after they get in trouble. I’m guessing that Ms. Brzezinski has been fortunate enough not to have to deal with addiction, either on her own part or in her immediate family, because that’s how rehab works. There’s no such thing as preventive rehab.

Mr. Scarborough’s suggestion? “Be a man!” Yeah, as if that is the solution for everything. As I seem to recall, that’s the mindset that got a lot of the people who are in rehab into rehab, either voluntarily or by the order of a court.

I guess there’s no rehab for jerks.