Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Tale Of The Tape

In case you haven’t heard, there was a police-involved shooting on Miami Beach over Memorial Day weekend. Several bystanders caught the incident on video, which resulted in the police reacting negatively to being filmed. The Reid Report has the background:

Miami Beach Police are denying a witness’ account of the night he taped the shooting of a suspect, and then was confronted by officers.

The May 30 shooting was captured on tape by the witness, Narces Benoit, who says he and his girlfriend Ericka Davis witnessed the confrontation between police and a driver they say aimed his vehicle at no less than five officers over the course of several city blocks before stopping his car at an intersection on Collins Avenue, where police opened fire on the car, killing Raymond Herisse.

After taping with his cellphone for several minutes, video released by Benoit shows him and Davis jumping into their car, and then being confronted by officers, one with his gun drawn.

Via SFDB, The City of Miami Beach has released a statement explaining their side of the story, including that the cellphone in question was not “smashed” and that they typically seize videos of the crime scene as evidence.

That doesn’t explain why the cops pulled their weapons on Mr. Benoit and used language that included expletives.

As at least one South Florida blogger will tell you, the local constabulary seem to have issues with people taking pictures of public property on public property. I have yet to hear an explanation from law enforcement that would justify confiscation and threats of arrest for someone taking a picture of an event in public.

There is more to this story to come, I’m sure.