Friday, June 3, 2011

Torture Then and Now

David Brooks pronounces torture as evil and says we really shouldn’t be dealing with countries, namely Syria, that promote it or use it.

Over the past several weeks, Bashar al-Assad’s regime has killed more than 1,000 protesters and jailed at least 10,000 more, according to Syrian human rights groups. Human Rights Watch has described crimes against humanity in the town of Dara’a, where boys have been mutilated and men massacred.

All governments do bad things, and Middle East dictatorships do more than most. But the Syrian government is one of the world’s genuinely depraved regimes. Yet for all these years, Israel has been asked to negotiate with this regime, compromise with this regime and trust that this regime will someday occupy the heights over it in peace.

Noble sentiments, indeed. And they would carry a little more weight if folks like Mr. Brooks had said something when the Bush administration used Syria to torture an innocent man, Maher Arar.